Product Repair Terms and Conditions

Please read the Repair Terms and Conditions carefully. By submitting your product to Hotpoint Appliances Ltd, you agree that these Repair Terms and Conditions will govern the repair of your product by Hotpoint Appliances Ltd. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, kindly communicate to our service centre personnel who will be glad to assist you further.

We will provide repair services in accordance with generally accepted industry standards, using qualified personnel who are well trained in the repair and service of the products.


Where the product is covered under warranty, we will perform repair under the terms and conditions provided within the product warranty certificate issued during your purchase, provided that you have presented satisfactory proof of the product’s eligibility for such repairs.

The warranty may be void where damage is caused by liquid and corrosion and cases where the product has been tampered with by an unauthorised person(s) and if there is a breach of any Terms & Conditions stated in the Product Warranty Certificate.

Products that are out of warranty period will be charged a non-refundable deposit and for any additional labour and spare parts used, the charges must be settled while collecting the product or when the technician completes the work in case of In-home services. All payments must be settled before the product is collected.

Repair terms

Hotpoint Appliances Ltd will not be liable for any repairs done by any personnel for products that have not been registered and a valid ticket number issued upon booking the product at the authorised service centre.

Hotpoint Appliances Ltd reserves the right to dispose of any product that is not collected within 60 days after you have been notified.

You may notify our service centre within 60 days of receiving the product against any workmanship and where the same fault occurs the product will be repaired at no additional cost.

Customers may request for the product to be inspected and tested on collection to ensure that they are in working condition before re-accepting your product. Hotpoint shall have no liability for defects or failure identified after collection unless the same faults occur which is covered under the 60 days repair policy.

Hotpoint shall not be liable for any delay in performing, or any failure to perform, any of its obligations hereunder if the delay or failure was due to any cause beyond Hotpoint’s reasonable control.

Feel free to contact us through our toll-free number 0800 720404 for any further inquiries.