Commercial Laundry

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  • Revolutionize your laundry services with On-Premise Washing – the ultimate solution for businesses seeking efficiency and control.
  • Say goodbye to the hassle of outsourcing laundry services and hello to cost-effectiveness, convenience, and full autonomy.
  • From hotels and restaurants to healthcare facilities and spas, businesses of all sizes can reclaim their laundry needs with ease. It's time to take charge of your laundry destiny and elevate your operations like never before.

Powerful Performance: Explore Our Commercial Washing Machine Range

Why Choose Us?

  • After-sales services and support: Service & maintenance contract - Ksh2500/machine (Every 3 months/quarterly), replacement of parts is free if under warranty,
  • Laundromat POS Solutions: Integration of washers & POS - monitor revenue, set up new machines, manage error messages, Preferred by customers - user can get alert when laundry is almost done
  • Exclusive Laundromat networking forum: Seminars to be held every quarter to assist customers in networking and share insights on the Laundromat business.
  • Operations & Business Management Solutions: Assistance from our B2B representative with setting up operations and business management solutions.
  • Staffing & Training solutions: Our inhouse team will assist with training staff on how to operate the machines, business operation,s etc
  • Partnership with tried & tested detergent companies to help your business hit the ground running


  1. Does Hotpoint provide installation services for commercial washing machines and dryers? Yes, we offer free delivery and installation services* for commercial washing machines & dryers within Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu & Eldoret. (30 KM from the nearest Hotpoint showroom)
  2. What period does the warranty cover for commercial washing machines & dryers? The warranty period covers 24 months for both the washing machines and dryers, dependant on the washing machines being serviced every quarter based on the service contract.
  3. What requirements are required of the customer before installation of the washing machines & dryers? Availability of store, water provision, plumbing - drainage, Inlet & outlet, suitable water pressure, ventilation, provisions of electricity
  4. What lifespan do the LG commercial washing machines & dryers have? The average life-cycle of the washing machine is 3300 washes.
  5. Does Hotpoint offer support for technical issues that occur during the life cycle of the washing machines & dryers? Yes, we do offer technical support whenever there is an issue with the commercial washing machine or dryer.
  6. How does Hotpoint assist with location scouting for premises for businesses? We have partnered with real estate agents to assist with scouting of available & upcoming malls and shopping complexes.
  7. Which washing machine capacities are available at Hotpoint? We currently stock the 15KG & 10KG commercial washers & dryers.
  8. What added features are incorporated into the commercial washing machines and dryers? Availability of sensors in the dryer that assist with the reduction of the drying duration to save on energy & electricity costs.
  9. How does Hotpoint assist in the event the business is moving premises? We will assist the business with relation to the new premises. (T&C apply)
  10. Do you provide spare parts in the event of machine malfunction? Yes, we provide spare parts that will assist with the service and maintenance of the machines.

Financing Options: Aspira Lipa Baadaye

  • 24 hours Approval
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Zero application fees
  • Low interest as from 2%

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